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Fishing Lake Bible Camp is a registered charity. We rely on the generosity of our community to help us provide a camp experience that is both fun and enriching. Every year, we are blessed with the support of individuals, businesses and community organizations who give generously to help make Fishing Lake Bible Camp possible.
We are grateful for your generosity, which helps us provide campers with an unforgettable experience each summer.
Your donations may be sent directly to ac.pmacelbibekalgnihsif%40etanod.



There are many ways to support Fishing Lake Bible Camp besides donations. We hold various fundraising activities throughout the year, and we'd love for you to join us! Below are some of the ways you can get involved!
Fundraising Banquet – We have an annual banquet hosted in one of our local communities. It is an evening that includes a meal, entertainment, and camp news.
Online Auction – We take donations of a variety of goods from businesses and auction them off. It's a great event and a way to support the camp from the comfort of your own home.
Market Initiatives – Some of our supporting churches will do fundraising meals at local farmer's markets and community trade shows, with proceeds going to the camp.
Bottle Drives – Some of our supporting churches collect recyclables for the benefit of FLBC. You can also visit your local Saskatchewan SARCAN depot and use the "Drop&Go" kiosk. Use the code "give2flbc," print your stickers, and the proceeds will be credited to the camp.
If you would like more information on any of these events, please reach out to us!



Every year we have families that would like to send their kids to camp but find it cost-prohibitive. Because we don't want kids to miss out on the highlight of their summer, we love that we have people who give generously to sponsor campers through our Campership fund. If you would like to give specifically to sponsoring kids for camp - fully, partially, as our needs arise - let us know! Typically we state that one sponsorship = $250, but we welcome any gift you are inclined to give.  There is a confidential screening process that families make an application to. While it is not a requirement, from time to time, families will ask for the personal information of donors to send their gratitude for blessing their family. We will never give your information without your permission. If you are a giver, please note that some families also wish to remain anonymous in their circumstances, but you can be sure that they are grateful nonetheless.